Prasad Vishnu Bhotla

Principal Research Scientist
Department of Physics 
Indian Institute of Science 
Bangalore 560 012, India 

phone: +91-80-2293-3338

Area of research interest:

"Electrical charge transport studies of carbon nanofibres, nanoparticles, nanotubes at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. Decoration of carbon nanotubes and zinc oxide materials with metal particles. Metal-Insulator transitions in carbon materials. Electron field emission studies on zinc oxide capped carbon nanotubes and polymer composites. Carbon-Polymer nano-composites for gas sensing and electromagnetic shielding applications"


Carbon nanoparticles, Fibers, Nanotubes, Zinc oxide particles, Nanowires, Polymer composites.

 Properties & applications

Synthesis, Characterization, Functionalization with metal particles, Hybrid structures

Low temperature electrical & magnetic properties, Electromagnetic interference shielding

Gas sensors, Field emission devices, Micro –heaters  and Pressure sensors

List of all Publications      (From 1990 onwards)