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Basic Qualification

  • ME / M Tech / M Sc (Engg) or equivalent degree
  • M Sc or equivalent degree in Physics, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Chemistry or Polymer Science
  • BE / B Tech or equivalent  degree    
  • B Sc or equivalent degree followed by AMIE, Grad.IETE,  AMIIChE,  AMIIM,  AMAeSI.

Areas of Research

  • Experimental studies in
    1. Condensed Matter Physics
    2. Atomic, Optical Physics, and
    3. X-ray Crystallography of Biomolecular Structures.

      Specific areas include: Raman and other Spectroscopies, Ferroelectricity, Fast ionic conductivity, Manipulation of Matter by Light, Magnetism, Magnetic Resonance Phenomena, Nanomaterials,Magnetotransport, Superconductivity in bulk as well as thin films, Semiconductors, Crystal Growth studies, Nonlinear Optical Materials, Phase Transition Studies, High Pressure and Low Temperature Studies, Study of Low Dimensional Materials, Amorphous Systems, Soft Condensed Matter Laser Cooling and Trapping of Atoms, Ion Trapping, Precision Laser Spectroscopy, Peptide and protein crystallography, complexation studies and drug-nucleic acid interactions, molecular modeling, database analysis.
  • Theoretical Studies on a variety of aspects of condensed matter physics, in particular: Strongly correlated systems, quantum many-body theory and magnetism, exotic order and quantum critically; Phase Transitions, equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics; Disordered and Amorphous Systems, the glass transition, Neural Networks, Spatiotemporal Chaos and Turbulence in fluids, plasmas and cardiac tissue; Soft condensed Matter: Colloids, surfactants, membranes, liquid crystals, Vortex lattices; biological physics: the mechanics of living matter; Molecular modeling of soft and bio-materials.

Events / Seminars