RESEARCH Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Optical and transport properties of bulk and thin film semiconductors, Photoluminescence, Photoreflectance, magneto-transport in narrow gap semiconductors, Amorphous semiconductor, DLTS, Bio-MEMS.

Arindam Ghosh

Spintronics & Magnetism

P.S. Anil Kumar

Crystal Growth

Suja Elizabeth

Nuclear and Electron Magnetic Resonance

K.P. Ramesh

Molecular Electronics, Conducting polymers and their composites

Reghu Menon

Nano-scale Physics
 1. Nano-Optics
    Jaydeep Basu, Ajay Sood

 2. Physics of Nanodevices
      P.S. Anil Kumar, Arindam Ghosh

Raman spectroscopy of strongly correlated oxides and manganates

Ajay Sood

Electrical, Thermal and Optical properties of Polymer Nanocomposites

Jaydeep Basu, P.V. Bhotla

Soft-matter physics
Dynamics, rheology, and chaos in complex, confined and glassy fluids; physics of soft-nano composites; driven colloidal and granular matter

Ajay Sood, Jaydeep Basu, Sriram Ramaswamy,Ambarish Ghosh and Prerna Sharma

Quantum fluids
Superfluidity in liquid and solid helium; quantized vortices and superfluid turbulence; optics and acoustics with electron bubbles in helium

Ambarish Ghosh

Events / Seminars