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Bonding system (TPT wire bonder)

This is a manual sample bonding equipment, primarily used for Al and Au bonding. It can be used for both Ball and Wedge bonding methods. It comes with a heated sample holder stage with support for a variety of chip-carriers.

Moorfield mini lab 80 Thermal evaporation

The system can carry three evaporation materials (such as Au, Al, Pd, Cr, Ti) at a time, also comes with integrated D.C. sputtering system (can be used to deposit Nb, NbN, MoRe, Ti). The system can be sustained at a vacuum level of 2×10-2 mbar. A liquid N2 trap is used to further improve the vacuum. This system is primarily used to deposit contacts on the samples.

Optical microscope (Olimpus BX50, Olimpus BX50M)

These microscopes are equipped with micromanipulator stages and Thor labs differential screw high-precision rotation stage, which allow super fine translational (~1 μm) and rotational (~0.020) movement of the stages. The stages are temperature controlled, thus suitable for fabrication of devices using tear and stack technique. Hybrid optics are used which provides the freedom to use both eyepiece and camera parallelly.

Henniker Plasma HPT100

The system is used primarily for cleaning the substrates, Si wafers, and other small surfaces using either oxygen or argon-based plasma.

Oxford triton dilution refrigerator

It is a close cycle refrigerator that can reach up to a base temperature of 20mK. The system is equipped with a unidirectional magnet which can operate between +/- 10 T. The system is suitable for ultra-low temperature electrical and thermal transport measurement, Quantum hall measurements. With the homebuilt cryo-amplifier and LC resonant circuit it is also ideal for shot-noise measurement at temperatures below 20K.  This system has its dedicated rack equipped with 2 lock-in amplifiers, multiple voltage sources, spectrum analyser, function generator.

Oxford heliox 3He refrigerator

It is an open cycle refrigerator that can reach to a base temperature of 230mK (which can be sustained for 3 days). The integrated unidirectional magnet generally operates between +/- 10T, but can be operated at 12T under certain conditions (by pumping the Lamda plate). Primarily it is used for magnetic field and temperature dependent transport studies. This system also has its dedicated rack that accommodates 2 lock-in amplifiers, 2 voltage sources etc.

ARS cryofree 4K system

While the other refrigerators mentioned requires some form of external supply of liquid-cooling. This system is completely closed cycle. This can reach up to 4K within an hour. It is used for preliminary testing of  the samples. Except 1/f noise, this system is very limited in terms of other sensitive noise measurements.

Chemical hood

It is equipped with HEPA filter and laminar air flow providing a cleaner environment for exfoliation, spin-coating, chemical cleaning of substrate and storage of samples.