YEAR 2022

Interaction-driven giant thermopower in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene. Arup Kumar Paul, Ayan Ghosh, Souvik Chakraborty, Ujjal Roy, Ranit Dutta, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, Animesh Panda, Adhip Agarwala, Subroto Mukerjee, Sumilan Banerjee & Anindya Das. Nature Physics 1–8 (2022). link

Observation of ballistic upstream modes at fractional quantum Hall edges of graphene. Ravi Kumar, Saurabh Kumar Srivastav, Christian Spånslätt, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, Yuval Gefen, Alexander D. Mirlin & Anindya Das. Nature Communications volume 13, Article number: 213 (2022). link

YEAR 2021

Effect of boron nitride defects and charge inhomogeneity on 1/f noise in encapsulated graphene. Chandan Kumar, Anindya Das. Applied Physics Letters 119 (22), 223106. link

Anomalous thermopower oscillations in graphene-nanowire vertical heterostructures. Richa Mitra, Manas Ranjan Sahu, Aditya Sood, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Hadas Shtrikman, Subroto Mukerjee, AK Sood, Anindya Das. Nanotechnology 32 (34), 345201. link

Quantized conductance with nonzero shot noise as a signature of Andreev edge state. Manas Ranjan Sahu, Arup Kumar Paul, Jagannath Sutradhar, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, Vibhor Singh, Subroto Mukerjee, Sumilan Banerjee, and Anindya Das. Phys. Rev. B 104, L081404. link

Vanishing Thermal Equilibration for Hole-Conjugate Fractional Quantum Hall States in Graphene. Saurabh Kumar Srivastav, Ravi Kumar, Christian Spånslätt, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, Alexander D. Mirlin, Yuval Gefen, and Anindya Das. Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 216803. link

Enhanced electron-phonon coupling in doubly aligned hexagonal boron nitride bilayer graphene heterostructure. M Kuiri, SK Srivastav, S Ray, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, T Das, A Das. Physical Review B 103 (11), 115419. link

Hexagonal Boron Nitride–Graphene Heterostructures with Enhanced Interfacial Thermal Conductance for Thermal Management Applications. S Karak, S Paul, D Negi, B Poojitha, SK Srivastav, A Das, S Saha. ACS Applied Nano Materials 4 (2), 1951-1958. link

YEAR 2020

Hall effect for Dirac electrons in graphene exposed to an Abrikosov flux lattice. Jonathan Schirmer, Ravi Kumar, Vivas Bagwe, Pratap Raychaudhuri, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, C-X Liu, Anindya Das, JK Jain. EPL (Europhysics Letters) 132 (3), 37002. link

Interplay of filling fraction and coherence in symmetry broken graphene p-n junction
Arup Kumar Paul, Manas Ranjan Sahu, Chandan Kumar, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi & Anindya Das. Communications Physics, 3, 171 (2020)

Thickness dependent transition from 1T’ to Weyl semimetal phase in ultrathin MoTe2: Electrical transport, Noise and Raman studies
Manabendra Kuiri, Subhadip Das,.D V S Muthu, Anindya Das, and A.K Sood. Nanoscale, 12, 8371 (2020). link

Anomalous Coulomb Drag between InAs Nanowire and Graphene Heterostructures
Richa Mitra, Manas Ranjan Sahu, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Hadas Shtrikman, A.K Sood and Anindya Das; Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 116803 (2020).link

YEAR 2019

Enhanced shot noise at bilayer graphene — superconductor junction
Manas Ranjan Sahu, Arup Kumar Paul, Abhiram Soori, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, Subroto Mukerjee, Anindya Das; Phys. Rev. B (2019).link

Universal quantized thermal conductance in graphene
Saurabh Kumar Srivastav, Manas Ranjan Sahu, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, Sumilan Banerjee, Anindya Das; Science Advances (2019).link

Energetics of complex phase diagram in a tunable bilayer graphene probed by quantum capacitance
Manabendra Kuiri, Anindya Das; Phys. Rev. B (2019).link

YEAR 2018

Equilibration of Quantum hall edges in symmetry broken bilayer graphene
Chandan Kumar, Saurabh Kumar Srivastav, Anindya Das; Phys. Rev. B (2018).link

Large Landau level splitting with tunable one-dimensional graphene superlattice probed by magneto capacitance measurements
Manabendra Kuiri, Gaurav Kumar Gupta, Yuval Ronen, Tanmoy Das, and Anindya Das; Phys. Rev. B (2018).link

Enhanced Specular Andreev reflection in bilayer graphene
Abhiram Soori, Manas Ranjan Sahu, Anindya Das, Subroto Mukerjee; Phys. Rev. B (2018).link

Probing in-plane anisotropy in few-layer ReS2 using low-frequency noise measurement
Richa Mitra, Bhakti Jariwala, Arnab Bhattacharya and Anindya Das; Nanotechnology (2018).link

Localization physics in graphene Moire superlattices
Chandan Kumar, Saurabh Kumar Srivastav, Priyo Adhikary, Sumilan Banerjee, Tanmoy Das, Anindya Das; Phys. Rev. B (2018).link

Observation of Andreev reflection in graphene quantum Hall state coupled to a superconductor
Manas Ranjan Sahu, Xin Liu, Arup Kumar Paul, Sourin Das, Pratap Raychaudhuri, J. K. Jain and Anindya Das; Phys. Rev. Lett. (2018).link

YEAR 2017

Equilibration of quantum hall edge states and its conductance fluctuations in graphene p-n junctions
Chandan Kumar, Manabendra Kuiri and Anindya Das; Solid State Communications (2017).link

Novel photo-tunable transfer characteristics in MoTe2-MoS2 vertical hetero-structure
Arup Paul, Manabendra Kuiri, Dipankar Saha, Biswanath Chakraborty, Santanu Mahapatra, A.K Sood and Anindya Das; Nature 2D Materials and Applications (2017).link

YEAR 2016

Andreev reflection near the Dirac point at Graphene-NbSe2 junction.
Manas Ranjan Sahu and Pratap Raychaudhuri and AnindyaDas; Phys. Rev. B 94, 235451 (2016).link

Electron-hole asymmetry in the electron-phonon coupling in top-gated phosphorene transistor
Biswanath Chakraborty and Satyendra Nath Gupta and Anjali Singh and Manabendra Kuiri and Chandan Kumar and D V S Muthu and Anindya Das and U V Waghmare and A K Sood; 2D Materials 3, 015008 (2016).link

Enhancing Photoresponsivity Using MoTe2-graphene Vertical Heterostructures
Manabendra Kuiri, Biswanath Chakraborty, Arup Paul, Subhadip Das, A.K. Sood, and Anindya Das; Applied Physics Letter 108, 063506 (2016).link

Tunability of 1/f Noise at Multiple Dirac Cones in hBN Encapsulated Graphene Devices
Chandan Kumar, Manabendra Kuiri, Jeil Jung, Tanmoy Das and Anindya Das; NanoLetters 16, 1042 (2016).link

YEAR 2015

Probing 2D black phosphorous by quantum capacitance measurements
Manabendra Kuiri1, Chandan Kumar1, Biswanath Chakraborty, Satyendra N Gupta, Mit H Naik, Manish Jain, A K Sood and Anindya Das; Nanotechnology 26, 485704 (2015). Selected as ‘Nanotechnology select articles’ in November 2015

Before 2013

‘High-efficiency Cooper pair splitting demonstrated by two-particle conductance resonance and positive noise cross-correlation’
Anindya Das, Yuval Ronen, Moty Heiblum, Diana Mahalu, Andrey V. Kretinin and Hadas Shtrikman, Nature Communication 3 1165 (2012).

‘Zero-bias peaks and splitting in an Al–InAs nanowire topological superconductor as a signature of Majorana fermions’
Anindya Das, Yuval Ronen, Yonatan Most, Yuval Oreg, Moty Heiblum and Hadas Shtrikman, Nature Physics 8 887 (2012).

‘The self-actuating nano-electromechanical Josephson junction’
Andrey V. Kretinin, Anindya Das, Moty Heiblum, Diana Mahalu and Hadas Shtrikman, Submitted to Nature Nanotechnology (2013).

‘Monitoring dopants by Raman scattering in an electrochemically top-gated graphene transistor’
Anindya Das, S. Pisana, S. Piscanec, B. Chakraborty, S. K. Saha, U. V. Waghmare, K.S. Novoselov, H. R. Krishnamurhthy, A. K. Geim, A. C. Ferrari and A. K. Sood, Nature Nanotechnology 3 210 (2008).

‘Doping in Carbon Nanotubes Probed by Raman and Transport Measurements’
Anindya Das, A. K. Sood, A. Govindaraj, A. Marco Saitta, Michele Lazzeri, Francesco Mauri and C. N. R Rao, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99 136803 (2007).

‘Phonon renormalisation in doped bilayer graphene’
Anindya Das, B. Chakraborty, S. Piscanec, S. Pisana, A. K. Sood and A. C. Ferrari, Phys. Rev. B 79 155417 (2009).

‘Renormalization of the phonon spectrum in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes studied by Raman spectroscopy’
Anindya Das and A. K. Sood, Phys. Rev. B 79 235429 (2009).

‘Single file diffusion of confined water inside SWNTs An NMR study’
Anindya Das, Jayanthi S, H.S. Vinay Deepak, K. V. Ramanathan, Anil kumar, C. Dasgupta and A. K. Sood, ACS Nano 4 1687 (2010).

‘Binding of nucleobases with single-walled carbon nanotubes: Theory and experiment’
Anindya Das, A. K. Sood, Prabal K. Maiti, Mili Das, R. Varadarajan and C. N. R. Rao, Chem. Phys. Lett. 453 266 (2008).

‘Raman spectroscopy of graphene on different substrates and influence of defects’
Anindya Das, Biswanath Chakraborty and A.K. Sood, Bull. Mater. Sci. 31 579 (2008).

‘Probing single and bilayer graphene field effect transistors by Raman spectroscopy’
Anindya Das, B. Chakraborty, A.K. Sood, Modern Physics Letters B 25, 511 (2011).

‘The formation of a p-n junction in a polymer electrolyte top gated bilayer graphene transistor’ Biswanath Chakraborty’
Anindya Das and A K Sood, Nanotechnology 20 365203 (2009).

‘Mixing of mode symmetries in top gated bilayer and multilayer graphene field effect devices’
B. Chakraborty, Anindya Das and A.K. Sood, AIP Conf. Proceedings, 1349 (2011).

‘Binding of DNA Nucleobases and Nucleosides with Graphene’
Neenu Varghese, Umesha Mogera, Anindya Das, Prabal K. Maiti, A.K. Sood and C. N. R. Rao, Chem. Phys. Chem. 9 1 (2008).

‘Enhanced field emission from carbon nanotube_conducting polymer composites with low loading’
Rahul Nair, B. Premlal, Anindya Das, A.K. Sood, Solid State Commun. 149 150 (2009).

‘Flow-driven voltage generation in carbon nanotubes’
A.K. Sood, S. Ghosh and Anindya Das, Pramana-J. Physics 65 571 (2005).

  1. Accelerometer based on Nanotubes. A. K. Sood, Anindya Das and Shankar Ghosh.
  2. Vibration Sensor based on Nanotubes. A.K. Sood, Anindya Das and Shankar Ghosh.